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Men's Cremation Washer Necklace


Men's Cremation Washer Necklace

This cremation washer necklace is the perfect gift, It will hold a memory in honor of your pet or a loved one that has passed.
what a unique way to carry your loved ones close to your heart! ♥

P R O D U C T ∙ I N F O

• Material: Stainless Steel
• Dimensions: Diameter of pendant is 23.5mm
• Chain Style: 20 inch Satin Cord

This pendant is a sleek and elegant circle in stainless steel. The circle is a classic symbol of eternity or infinity. This symbolism may bring comfort to those who wear it in remembrance of a loved one's life. This pendant contains a small compartment to hold a pinch of cremated remains.
This pendant is finely made to the highest standards and is of outstanding quality. Included with this pendant is a 20-inch black satin cord, which is looped around the pendant. The cord can be tied and knotted to a length of your choice.

Materials: Silver,Stainless steel